Running, pushing, splashing and all kinds of horseplay are forbidden unless you are a Toon. He’s a master with the razor, almost. Is smoke rising from the oven? Fais exploser des cubes et crée de puissants combos pour progresser. Recherchez Toon Blast dans le Play Store à travers la page de recherche.

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It’s time for a slick new update! Voici quelques images du jeu qui vous feront découvrir le monde magique de Toon Blast. Une fois Bluestack ouvert, ouvrez le Play Store connectez-vous avec votre compte Google où créez un nouveau compte Google. Oups, une erreur s’est produite lors du chargement de ton jeu. Accéder au site Web. Step into the circle around the fire to join the Stomp Dance!

Les créateurs de Toy Blast reviennent avec le jeu de réflexion ultime – blwst expérience unique pour s’amuser sans compter! Découvre le monde animé azimuté de Cooper le chat, Wally le loup et Bruno l’ours à travers des tas de niveaux farfelus et stimulants!

Fais exploser des cubes bblast crée de puissants combos pour progresser. Résous des casse-tête pour aider le gang des Toons à explorer des mondes magiques! It’s time for a fearless new update! Is smoke glast from the oven? Don’t worry, the daring firefighters of your neighborhood are on their way to rescue your kitchen! They may be a bit clumsy, but you can’t find a braver soul around when it comes gartuit saving dishes!

Be sure to update to the current version of Toon Blast for the newest content. Come and join the fun!

Je suis à la retraite donc on peut jouer à tous les âges. Je connais bien Toy Blast et j’ai décidé de créer ma propre équipe pour progresser plus rapidement sur Toon Blast. Mon équipe est déjà 1 en Franceavec un esprit d’équipe sympathique et beaucoup d’entr’aide. Mais il est difficile d’avancer dans les niveaux ,à partir desans dépenser de l’argent.

Toon Blast Android

Certes, il n’y a pas de pub. Donc, c’est nous qui payons. Depuis peu, jeuu nous donne un outil chaque jour. Avis aux développeurs du jeu: Je jouais à l’autre donc je connais le système.

J’avais dû arrêter car qu’en mode portrait et pas moyen de faire pivoter, sachant que ma tablette n’est plus tactile en haut en mode paysage Tant pis pour les pièces vous les garderez car je me suis déjà fait pirater ma CB 2 fois sur le store. Tout est parfait hormis quand on bloque plusieurs jours sur un niveau.

Ouvrir le menu Fermer le menu Apple Shopping Bag. Nouveautés Historique des mises à jour Historique des mises à jour 14 janv. It’s time for a woody new update! It’s work time in jru woodlands. Toons, all in their lumberjack outfits, are eager to get their hands dirty.

jeu gratuit toon blast

But they will be needing some heavy-duty machinery to chop down these mighty old woods. Beware of the falling trunks! It’s time for a heartwarming fratuit update! In this jolly night, when Hoon gather around the fireplace and exchange gifts, join us for a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies.


Help Toons open their gifts, just hope that it is not another bomb or anvil! It’s time for a striking new update! Dear Visitors, if you see a cat, a wolf, and a bear running rampant around the holes during your visit to our golf course, please remain calm and do give these poor things a hand. They can’t hit the broad side of a barn, I tkon even know why we let them in in the first place.

jeu gratuit toon blast

It’s time for a mystical new update! Hop on the magical carpet that the Toons bought from a mysterious merchant and fly above the burning sands. You’ll feel like you are living a tale of Scheherazade as you venture through the mystical Arabian nights. An enchanting adventure awaits you! It’s time for a combustive new update! If you think this year’s chemistry class will be boring, think again, because your instructors will be no other than professors Cooper, Wally and Bruno.

Télécharger Toon Blast pour PC et MAC – Pear

They hold tion highest degree on explosive reactions and they believe in the applied science method! So get ready for a blast of a lesson! It’s time for a splashy new update! Blwst that the public pool is open to all visitors, we would kindly like to remind you of some of the rules: Running, pushing, splashing and all kinds of horseplay are forbidden unless you are a Toon.

Also, please be informed that jumping from ridiculous heights is encouraged at all times to prevent any unlikely event of boredom. It’s time for a freshly tooh new update! We are proud to announce that Toon Laundry Service offers the best cleaning for your laundry in Toonville.

The washers we use are old but reliable, nevermind the occasional breakdowns and explosions. If any of them start making moves and sounds that they aren’t supposed to do, call our expert repair crew with years of experience on putting down old washers. It’s time for a marooned new update!

Stranded in the middle of the ocean on a makeshift raft surrounded by hungry sharks, with only one day’s freshwater remaining, Toons surely seem like in a tight spot this time! But as always, their moods are cheery and hopeful in full belief that as adventure goes on, they will evade this difficulty too.

It’s time for a deep and dark new update! Toons are learning the hard way about the cost of crossing the Dark Baron! They have been imprisoned in the labyrinthine dungeons beneath the Baron’s castle. Tightly wrapped up in chains and without any way to escape, they are haplessly waiting for their mysterious fate! Can you bail them out? It’s time for a pastoral new update!

Toons inherited grandfather’s old farm plot! With the old tractor and a few rusty tools, they set out to begin their new rural life. Since they have no skills at all, it will be hard for them to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into fertile land.


It’s time for an oriental new update! Come closer traveler, have a look at our exotic wares. You walk among the stalls of the Grand Bazaar. From foreign spices to elaborate pottery, there are myriads of items here from the far and mysterious corners of the world! Now wouldn’t you be interested in these colorful vases?

Who knows, there may be forgotten treasures left inside! It’s time for a spiritual new update! Drums thunder on the vast plains and under the shining stars. Step into the circle around the fire to join the Stomp Dance! We will call the spirits of the toons and consult their wisdom of blasting.

By this mystical ceremony, you will be one with nature and awaken the Toon Blaster in you! It’s time for a soldierly new update! Welcome to boot camp, trooper. You are now officially a part of the Toon Army! Through rigorous training, we will make you an excellent player who will keep blasting under all circumstances. Your first task is to handle these extremely dangerous missiles.

It’s time for a slick new update! Is that stubble I see on your cheek, sir? How about a visit to the newly opened Toon Barber at the corner? You will feel rejuvenated once Wally gives you a clean shave. He’s a master with the razor, almost. Well, at least we promise you’ll leave with less hair. It’s time for a burgeoning new update! This is what happens when you give fertilizer to magical beans.

Now all the town is tangled in the climbing ivy, thriving fast to become a forest. The enormous stems will not build a staircase to the clouds, instead, they will strangle you until your eyes pop. You have to get rid of them quickly! It’s time for an orbital new update! Houston, we have a problem! The spacewalk mission went terribly wrong due to the extreme silliness of the astronauts. We need help to get the Toons back from the orbit before they get suffocated! It’s time for a tropical new update!

If you visit the paradise beaches of the Coco Island, be sure to stop by the Toon Bar. While you enjoy the beautiful nature, they will prepare your fresh coconut juice, if they can manage to crack it of course! Maybe give them a hand if you have any rockets or anvils. It’s time for a sandy new update!

Miles and miles of desert!